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Our Full Sustainability Programs Strive For:

  1. A reduction in material use
  2. Better use of recycled materials
  3. Use more benign materials
  4. Enable longer product lives
  5. Promote ease of disassembly at the end of life

The Benefits of Zero Waste Management

  • It saves money: Waste is a sign of inefficiency. Therefore the reduction of waste can lead to a reduction in costs.
  • It accelerates progress: Zero waste strategies improve production processes, and measures towards environmental protection invariably lead to more ambitious innovative developments.
  • It promotes sustainability: A zero waste strategy supports social and economic well-being and greatly reinforces environmental protection.
  • It improves material flow: By using fewer raw materials, a zero waste strategy would ideally send no waste to landfills at all. Material waste would either be used as compost or returned as recycled and reusable materials.


The global spread of industrialization has been followed by a substantial increase in waste production. In 2012, the World Bank declared that 1.3 billion tonnes of municipal waste was being produced by urban populations, and estimated that the total tonnage would reach 2.2 billion tonnes by 2025. 

With this steady increase in solid waste production, the need for landfills will also rise, and due to rapid developments in urbanization, these landfills are being located closer to communities than ever before.

Studies show that these landfills are frequently located in areas of low socioeconomic status, which are occupied primarily by non-white populations. Findings also indicate that these areas are often targeted as waste sites because community resistance is low, and permits are more easily acquired. 

Especially within the last five years, over 400 hazardous waste facilities have been taken down by formal enforcement actions for violations, which, despite being unspecified, were considered to present a real risk to human health.

Our planet’s growing global population is confronted on a daily basis with limited environmental resources. To ease the enormous pressures placed on our limited available resources, the prevention of waste has become more critical than ever before. 

The goal now is to achieve absolute zero waste. To that end, waste management must move from a linear system to a more cyclical system. That is one way of making sure the products, materials, and substances can be used as efficiently as possible. Materials should be chosen so that either they retain their relevance within the industrial cycle, or can be safely returned to a sequence within the environment.


Zero waste strategies not only promote recycling and reuse but more importantly, they support waste prevention and the production of designs that take the entire product life cycle into consideration. 

Constructive zero waste management strongly supports sustainability. It protects the environment, reduces costs, and creates additional jobs in the process of returning waste into the industrial cycle. 

A zero waste policy can be applied to industrial sectors, communities, businesses, homes, and schools.


Used Boxes produced during the manufacturing in large quantities depending the box size may qualify for our used program.

Recycling alone is no longer a viable method for dealing with waste. More and more companies and businesses are looking to reuse solutions to address their waste disposal needs.  

Cardboard is one of the most versatile and popular materials in the world today. In fact, it’s also one of the biggest sources of waste. Reusing cardboard as opposed to recycling is not only beneficial to the environment but it’s cost-effective too. 

How does your program work?

The process involves putting cardboard boxes that have been used to better use, without having to reprocess the boxes.

By engaging in reusing, companies cut the costs of having to buy new cardboard boxes and reduce the need for reprocessing. It allows boxes to serve further function without breaking the bank.

How much does it cost?

The costs of reuse are minimal. We do not charge for collection. Additionally, we provide appropriate storage, depending on the tonnage of boxes you have. Our storage service is usually free of charge too.

What are the prices?

You are guaranteed a fixed price for your cardboard boxes, regardless of the economic climate, which makes reuse a viable, cost-saving tool.

What kinds of boxes are reusable?

We can only buy regular sized boxes that are neither too shallow nor too narrow. Boxes should be sorted into even batches of the same size and amounts and be available for collection on a regular basis.

Why sell to United Reuse?

Our reuse company is one of the largest in America. Years of operating experience give us the advantage of knowledge and expertise across all aspects of the used cardboard boxes sector. 

We provide all you need to make reusing possible, including transportation and storage space. Our prices are the best you can find for a regular seller of large volume boxes.

How to get started?

We’ll visit your premises and offer expert advice on how to establish methods to have your reuse process up and running as quickly and easily as possible. We take care of the details, from how to cut costs to a projection of the savings you can expect once the scheme is in place. 

And the best part is we offer our services at a fixed price, so you know well in advance how much you need to pay.

Pallet Recycling   Most new pallets and reconditioned pallets are built from broken or damaged pallets know as “tear downs” that would likely be discarded otherwise. Like most other pallet companies we are able to salvage the wood and rebuild the pallets
Buying Pallets We currently used, new, and re-manufactured pallets as well as heat treated pallets, plastic pallets, wooden reel pallets. If do not carry a spefic pallet you’re looking for we are able to source it.
Types of Pallets We provide new or recycled standard 48×40, 44×44, 42×42, and 40×40 pallets – A and B grade as well as custom size pallets.
Services We specialize in high volume pallet generators.  We provide drop trailers, quick turnaround  and above market rebates.

Cardboard Recycling

For many companies, the proper disposal of used cardboard boxes can prove to be a difficult task. And that’s why our services are designed to make your cardboard waste management a whole lot easier. We are the biggest provider of cardboard box reuse options in the US, with our focus fixed firmly on environmentally friendly solutions. 

Used boxes

Reusing cardboard boxes not only reduces your carbon footprint, it also brings significant financial benefits. Our main business revolves around buying boxes of different sizes and putting them to good use. 

If your surplus boxes meet our specifications, we’re more than happy to take them off your hands. We buy in bulk so you can accumulate your boxes and get them ready for prearranged collection on a regular basis. 

Unused stock

If your business has produced or ordered more cardboard boxes than you need in the near term, you can also benefit from our purchasing services. Just as with used boxes, we also buy large numbers of unused boxes of various types and sizes. Regardless of whether your boxes are plain, printed or taped, if they are in a reasonable reuse condition we will buy them from you. 

Layering pads

A lot of manufacturing companies end up having no use for layering pads, and they quickly accumulate in size and number. We already have a market for pads, so why not sell them to us? We generally purchase layering pads of about 1.2 x 1.0 meters and 1.2 x 0.8 meters. We’re also interested in unused pads of other sizes that meet our requirements.

Pallet boxes

Pallet boxes are an efficient and practical way of storing goods for transport, but once they have served their purpose, getting rid of them can become an arduous task. Pallet boxes are not easily recycled, but if you have a large volume we’ll gladly put them to good use on your behalf.

Octabin containers/Gaylord Boxes

Octabins are specific containers that are used to ship a wide variety of goods. They are usually made from heavy materials, which make them difficult to recycle. United Reuse has many uses for octabins so if you have large volumes, we’d like to buy them from you. Yes, we can help you lower your impact on the environment, while at the same time increasing your revenue.

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